To whom it may concern:

I hereby confirm that ICT-Concept B.V. (MPN ID: 1564100) at the following address
has an active membership in the Microsoft Partner program through 5/31/2017:

ICT-Concept B.V.
Basicweg 19a
Amerfoort, Utrecht
3821 BR Netherlands

ICT-Concept B.V. has satisfied the requirements to attain the following
competencies in the Microsoft Partner Network program:

  • GoldĀ Datacenter
  • GoldĀ Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Gold Midmarket Solution Provider
  • Silver Cloud Platform
  • Silver Hosting
  • Silver Data Platform
  • Silver Devices and Deployment
  • Silver Data Analytics
  • Silver Software Asset Management
  • Silver Intelligent Systems

It is hereby clarified that Microsoft is not responsible for the work of the partner,
including but not limited to the nature of the services it provides, solutions
developed by it and the way such solutions were implemented. The direct
responsibility for all of the partner's activities and services lies with the partner
alone. Also, the said competency certification does not provide and/or assign to
any party copyright or any other proprietary rights of Microsoft relating, or in
connection to, Microsoft technologies.

Best Regards,
The Microsoft Partner Network team
Microsoft Corporation